Commode Chairs

Commode Chair - STEEL YK4010

The Steel YK4010 commode chair comes with a powder coated frame with rear wheels and brakes. The armrest is full-length and comfortably padded. The footrest swings out and the seat and backrest come with a removable padded seat, a PVC backrest and a plastic footplate. 


Steel YK4030 Commode Chair

The sleek Steel YK4030 Commode Chair comes with fully padded armrests and rear wheels with brakes. The comfortable chair has a removable padded seat and PVS backrest. The compatible footrest swings out and has a sturdy plastic footplate. 


Steel YK4120 - Commode Chair

The Steel Yk4120 Commondoe Chair has a powder coated frame with a HDPE and S1010 armest.

  • Tips: rubber + A3
  • Seat cover: PP
  • Bucket seat: PP
  • Color option: Grey
  • Capacity: 11kq/250lbs 

Commode Chair - YK4010 & YK4030

This high-quality commode chair is one a kind with a single cross brace and a powder coated frame. The full-length armrest with a PVC armpad is fully detachable and the rear wheels are 8”x2” PU tires.

The commode has never been more comfortable, featuring a swing-away footrest with a plastic footplate. These chairs also feature a U-shaped seat and PVC backrest.