Sterilization Packagings

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Sterilization Packagings in a wide of sizes and strengths depending on the weight and size of the materials to be packaged. All the sterilization packaging materials are CE-marked and meet AS/NZS 4187 Standards, complying with EN ISO 11607, using tests from EN 868-2.

Sterilization Packagings are used in hospitals and other healthcare centers, for in-house sterilization of surgical instruments. Our products include: CSR Wraps, Crepe Paper Wraps, and Rolls, Self-Sealing or Heat-Sealing Pouches, Heat Seal Roll.

CSR Wraps, Pouches, and Reels provide outstanding resistance to microbial penetration, helping to maintain sterility of the contents in the product until opened. It is compatible with all the most commonly used sterilization methods, including Ethylene Oxide(ETO), Steam, and Gamma.

CSR Wraps are made out of polypropylene using five layer (Spunbond-Meltblown-Melt- blown-Spunbond) process; the outer layers of the sterilization wrap provide exceptional strength and durability.

Sterilization Packagings

CSR Wraps

CRS Wraps| Sterilization Packagings - Medical Group Care
Sterilization Packagings

Crepe Paper & Pouch & Roll

Crepe Paper & Pouch & Roll| Sterilization Packagings - Medical Group Care

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